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The killing of U.S. Ambassador in Libya motives and reasons Time

The killing of U.S. Ambassador in Libya motives and reasons Time

In the eleventh of September / September of this kill the U.S. ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens, with three other members of his crew diplomat. That came after the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi by a group of protesters on the film is offensive to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
The attack came after similar protests took place in Cairo earlier in the day, where protesters stormed the outer wall of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Other demonstrations occurred in the Gaza Strip and in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia and was besieged in Yemen.

The protests, which are expected to grow and spread tomorrow after Friday prayers, a major weak point for the political leadership to countries like Egypt and Tunisia, especially that these leaders are still fledgling and resulted from the "Arab Spring" in 2011. In other words, it is difficult for the Egyptian and Tunisian governments to strike a balance between Islamic adoption papers and their contentious relationship, with the United States and other Western powers, as reported by the institution, "Stratfor."
I started the negative effects of these protests already, it seems that the film in question has created, at least, a hostile environment on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, it increases the chances of success of such attacks - even if the attackers had other motives for targeting the consulate. And will affect Ambassador Stevens killed in relations between Washington and Tripoli. In Egypt, it was the demonstration in front of the U.S. embassy, led by a group of Salafi activists. Thus, it will be pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, severely if they think in dispersing such events because it stems from jealousy on the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, citing "Stratfor."
Would occur widespread protests similar to protests raised by the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that impede local efforts to improve the economies of Egypt and Tunisia; because such protests will force governments Islamic two new in Egypt and Tunisia to condemn the film, which will allow accusedtwo governments that they are non-democratic states do not differ for the two systems dictators Alsabakann, according to an analysis institution "Stratfor."
Virtues of tension that forces you to say what you think, very briefly. To say as much of rhetorical nudity. Can not Ngfah of speech is decorated Dodger to resort to it when accountability. At any moment fall and discloses opinion which to hide. Many moments of exposure no matter if your. Our lives are full of dramatic events that take you by surprise. Make you scream your opinion without real and will be used to ferry Asrakhk formulated by your true feelings careful not mind. Movement of people lined chatter among friends and prolonged speech and the opportunity to redraft public space to make everyone vulnerable to this exposure.
As soon as I heard about killing the U.S. ambassador rushed to the tension. So I do when big events .. followed Ngredat Saudis from different parties. Wants to know how well the language intellectual war on terror continues (the killing of the American ambassador in Libya). Unfold you really scary. What does it mean that in the majority straining lined with killers.Especially sounds that wearing the abaya Islamic in her speech. Read these tweets show us that the struggle with terrorism is still in need of hard work. Military destroyed its tools and its organizations and its international relations, however, (Mhadhanh) Intellectual previous incident XI of Spettmr still produced. Tweets about the murder of the U.S. ambassador in Twitter you reveal this fact.Many Amordan went to full support, especially from the make camouflage names. . Feel that Ngredathm peep chicks want to fly in the dark with the devil. Some hides under the guise of the usual evasive. Condemns work in loose terms, but felt that what was a foregone conclusion what should be the reaction to the American crimes. Process by the view is part of the war raging between us and the West.
As of writing their names frank has stood in two rows: some of them condemned the work not because Fezaath or bad as, but because the benefits are few and perhaps counterproductive disadvantage (our Islamic nation!) Like when someone: ('m not act hasty may do more harm than benefit us).
This is a fact indisputable, Vassador U.S. in Libya Chris Stevens has nothing to do either closely or remotely to produce American film abuser to someone Prophet peace be upon him, and the defense of Islam and the Holy Prophet not be shedding the blood of innocent people, even if they are from outside the pale of Islam, and folk Anasabon Prophet hostility, and no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another, this is what we have learned from the essence of the tolerant Islamic religion, and these noble values ​​is the biggest defense for our religion and our beloved prophet.
Film abuser to someone Prophet peace be upon him, produced by a group of Egyptian Copts immigrants to America in collaboration with some of the Jews, film Anonymous had not seen him only a few though amplification media to him, and it was possible to confront many ways the simplest films, in all languages​​, defendsthe Prophet peace be upon him, and the purchase of hours broadcast in the global channels to view Islamic programs promote true image of Islam, may be more of these methods lawsuits against the producers of the film, or any conduct diplomat with U.S. embassies and the U.S. State Department, but after the death of the American ambassador "innocent"I repeat," innocent "because it is a formula that will use against us, I would expect a film prospects, and to be murder, unfortunately, evidence supporting the validity of the content of the film that Muslims" terrorists "are shedding blood and that of the Islamic religion," religion is a terrorist "!!
We will read a scene killed the American ambassador "innocent" in Libya within the context of political transitions in the Arab world, after the wave of what is termed b «Arab Spring" has reached Islamist parties in Egypt and Tunisia to power through the ballot box, this if the will of the Arab peoples, butstarted these parties marginalize other political currents, and accounting management state alone, this is not talk transponders, message of Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki in the opening second conference of the party, "Congress for the Republic", which was held last month in which a statement is straightforward job Renaissance Party "Islamic" rulingon his followers all aspects of the state, on the basis of loyalty and sympathy with the party, not on the basis of merit, hence carrying Marzouki exclusionary behavior responsibility for delaying the implementation of development projects, and obstruction of achieving the goals of the Tunisian revolution.
In Egypt, spins a big debate about the work of the party "Freedom and Justice", the ruling party "Islamist", on what has become Ataref it draft "Ojuna state", ie the inauguration Brotherhood all aspects of the state, and just used it to appointments recent editors Egyptian newspapers, governors and members of the National Councilof Human Rights, which does not change jobs Hagroha change of government or the ruling party, but is fixed public functions.
In Syria revolution is not yet complete, recent indicators show began on deviation of revolution demanding regime change and amend the constitution and establish reforms publishes justice, democracy and economic and social development to a sectarian war and to a holy jihad against the enemy image is not so clear .. Alawites / Iran / ..?!!!, And the Arabian Gulf live sectarian turmoil moving keys control of Iran and Iraq, and Hezbollah "is always present, and Yemen Houthi steals north and south has become a den for al-Qaeda.
The scene became Mzhoma team of "elders religion" Anbroa to defend Islamic political parties and the difference militant, and launched wars on among mankind, which made a wide range of Arab peoples that brought Islamists to power have to worry about the future of their countries, and the future of public freedoms, development and democracy, in Under Islamic currents appear to be re-dictatorship in a new biography.
Arab permission, you may be eligible because accuses America and the West that has become an incubator for extremism and conflict, the Islamic pretext first for any external interference of any kind, and any claim American amending public policy, is the murder of the American ambassador "innocent" who says some U.S. reports that the fingerprints " Al Qaeda "is not absent from the scene of the crime, and excuse the second is to set up religious conflicts and sectarian in the Arab world in order not to harm the rights of religious minorities and religious, that are threatened by Islamic parties, as well as keeping the American interests of this conflict, not this scene similar to what happened after the Sept. 11 attacks, Are not we live commemoration this week?!!
Even take the White House decision on killing the American ambassador "innocent", we according to previous data we need to pause real to adjust the religious reality in the Arab world and the Islamic world in general, there is a real sense of injustice and marginalization of Muslims, and Arabs in particular, and arrived this injustice to receive abuse of religion times and balls, in contrast, there is a government deficit for the aspirations of peoples and the defense of the Islamic religion and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him towards any abuse issue, and there, worse, religious discourse separate from reality has nothing to do era Leger often in the service of the political parties, derives its criteria heritage and evokes history in every problem of emergency, and focuses on his concept for the application of Islamic law on the implementation of the border and the punishment of the abuser and requiring people to apply the provisions of legitimacy and be held accountable, not paying any attention to the rights of Muslims in justice, equality and human dignity, and protect him from injustice and discrimination, and provide its needs and enriched for need and want that Tljih to extremism, crime and insurgency.
We live a reality politically, socially and culturally new needs to develop tools of Islamic culture and Islamic jurisprudence, to be able to address the problems of the times outside frameworks historical differences old, and outside standards and traditional interpretations who slept too long on the issuance of Muslims, without evolving remained produces the same problems.
It is time for the active centers of Islamic and Hawwadharha in sent religious renewal preached by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him every 100 years, and that the time for Muslim Scholars and jurists innovators reformers that Talo their voices in order to express the essence of true Islam that meets the intent of the needs of Muslims and evolution The change from one age to another and from one place to another.
What happened in Libya to kill the U.S. ambassador "innocent", and sweeping the Arab world, in particular, and the Muslim general, from the chaos of intellectual, connecting all the causes and flimsy religion religion and Prophet Secretary Hu biggest abuse we provide to our Islamic, and what happened was propaganda huge and free movie abuser , In order to achieve its goals at the lowest cost and as soon as possible.

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